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The Palm Beach County Alarm Ordinance went into effect in 1988. The Ordinance requires everyone operating an alarm system within Palm Beach County to register their alarm system. The Ordinance defines False Alarms and was put in place solely for the purpose of reducing false alarms.

The Alarm Unit was established for the purpose of reducing and regulating the amount of False Alarms that Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputies respond to. Due to False Alarms, deputies have less time to handle calls for service (emergency and non-emergency), investigate crimes, provide pro-active patrol, and back up other deputies in emergency situations. False Alarms also tie up phone lines and dispatchers in our communications center, thus making it harder for citizens to get through when they call.

You can help reduce the number of false alarms by becoming familiar with what causes them and the prevention techniques that can reduce them. We have compiled some tips and resources to show you how.

Please note that the information on this website pertains to Burglar Alarms only. For information regarding Fire Alarm Permits please contact Palm Beach County Fire Rescue!

If you have any questions please call the Alarm Unit 561-688-3695.

Thank you!

    General Information

  • A False Alarm means an alarm dispatch request where the responding deputy finds no evidence of a criminal offense or attempted criminal offense. False alarms include alarms caused by error and/or technical or mechanical failure.
  • Any business or residence that operates a burglar alarm system is required to obtain a permit from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Permit fees are $25 for the initial registration and a $25 renewal fee each year.
  • If a business has one or more alarm systems, protecting two or more separate structures having different addresses, a separate alarm permit will be required for each structure.
  • If the owner or property manager of an apartment complex provides alarm systems in each residential unit, the apartment complex shall obtain an alarm permit for each apartment. All units, whether occupied or not, shall be required to have a permit.
  • All users of an alarm system must have one representative (key holder), other than him/herself, available to respond to an alarm activation to open the premise and have the capacity to deactivate the system. Changes in emergency phone numbers must be kept current.
  • All alarm systems must have a back up power supply.

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